The subscription service is now in ready. The system has been tested.

If you have any questions or you need assistance; for example, you face a technical difficulty, please E-mail your query so that we can isolate your problem and solve it:

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If you have cancelled your membership by changing your payment method, canceling payment, or canceling membership, I can not re-activate your customer status. You will have to re-enroll as if you are a first-time customer. If you receive a bill prematurely, notify me of the error before renewing your subscription payment.

If you wish to cancel your subscription before your billing term has come to an end, you can request this by sending your request to the same E-mail address as you see here, and, it will be honored. There are no refunds however.

if the website is not in https:// (secure), simply go to your address bar, type ” https:// ” in-front of the address, and the same page will re-appear in (secure) https: page.