advice to laborer, 05-14-2023 post

advice to laborer: 5-14-2023 post Today’s post, is about labor disputes (in general); is also about censorship, and about the writer’s strike in California this year (specifically). I want you to think about the potential advancement and the potential … Continue reading →

Grammy’s 2023, category short film

Grammy’s 2023 featured short-film: 2-06-2023 post Subscribers, Today’s post was prompted by the Grammy’s (2023)  – 2-05-2023. I put a couple of other posts, to the back-burner as a result. Inspired by the approaching Valentine’s Day, I find that … Continue reading →

culture and cuisine_history of Wienerschnitzel, 10-12-2021 post culture and cuisine: 10-12-2021 post Dear friends, here is today’s second post: While I have not yet advertised a restaurant yet in any of my posts before (that I can remember), today I want to advertise for America’s ‘Wienerschnitzel’ … Continue reading →

philosophy topic, mass/individual-surveilance, 10-12-2021 post ‎ philosophy: 10-12-2021 post For today, I have two posts. This first one consists of two original philosophical statements said, interpreted, and then followed by comment about mass-surveillance – its drawback/consequence/effect. “Stupidity depicts desperation, while intelligence draws good favor.” … Continue reading →

‘social-media’ culture and cuisine, 09-24-2021 post culture and cuisine: 9-24-2021 post Today’s topic, for post, is the often-used-term: “social media”. People have come up with this generality-of-a-term, which doesn’t really define much of anything in my own vocabulary. What the term used, actually aims to … Continue reading →