Jornada Del Muerto (47.4MB wmv) A scientist and his atom bomb. del muerto.wmv

Film school colleague's master's thesis. (1999). Period piece. Dramatic work.


James (23.6MB wmv) A man questions and confronts his existence.

Student film thesis (1999). Fictional drama. High budget short film. "Artsy", with deep symbolism and multiple-interpretations. For contextual study: Ecclesiastes 3. Galatians 3:6-14. Matthew 5:19.

(Do not demolish a home without permission, and which has not been already slated for demolition. And, do not harm your own body.)


The Gross Miscalculations of Wyatt Smith (203MB wmv) A man, his Los Angeles environs, and his precarious dream.

produced by with colleagues at a former workplace. Video. Micro-budget, scripted, indie, with much impromtu. (Off color).



Today is 10.20.2020:

'James' 1999 has a secret that has been kept for 21 years. Today it is revealed. There are alternate sound-tracks that I considered while I was first editing the film. While some were my best effort of my own musical instrumental playing, the slickest one that I share with you today still is that one which you can easily re-create at home. Here's how:

Step 1: mute the volume when cuing up 'James' movie, at its start.

Step 2: cue up 'Metallica's' song, 'Nothing Else Matters'.

Step 3: push play for both, at the same time. After the song's instrumental ends, un-mute the original soundtrack volume and now mute 'Metallica's' song. [Cross-fade: (fade-out 'Metallica'; and un-mute the original soundtrack locked to the movie)].

'Metallica' music is copyrighted 1991, 'Elektra Entertainment', a division of 'Warner Communications'. Neither the film, nor the song, were created with the other in production intent. They are independent works of art.

I also present to you a second alternate sound track to 'James' today. The recordings are of songs played over public airwaves. The musicians can contact me to inform me of their names, as I do not know. The sound-track is located in this downloadable file: alternate soundtrack 2 to James 1999.wav alternate soundtrack 2 to James 1999.mp3

On October 19th, 2020, I have writtten the sequel to 'James'. Copyrighted material, 2020.









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