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Film school has strict guidelines for admission. If you are among the select few who get in, you will learn that creative privilege has its price. There is no doubt about it, the industry depends upon schools as these. And, I am partial to UCLA's program. However, one should not expect a guarantee for a position as a director, producer, writer, gaffer, actor, cinematographer etc. by virtue of place in study. All film work takes work to establish, dedication to continue, commitment and resources for many years. Beginning in school, you will be very, very busy, learning the fundamentals, while probably working in addition elsewhere. If you study in LA, NY, London, Sydney, Munich, Madrid (to name a few hubs) you will likely find yourself scrambling for whatever job you can find, while you’re "waiting", "one foot in the door", for the prized position. Social networking online is key, along with in-person meetings- essential. I have compiled a list of logos from past and present working partners, of my own work history; most of them I began before my turning 30. I have met many influential people and I have found my place above some, below others. Even among a reasonably high chance for some higher level of success, film schools like UCLA's department, should be viewed as a beginning springboard, rather than as an "end result". I'd like to ad, there is perhaps a great new need for talent and exhibition, in a safe framework, on the relatively new, new media technology areas. For most of you, to gain experience, you may find yourself engaging in activities that you never initially thought of as part of this discipline, as I have. And yet, the core principles must guide you through the process we endeavor to continue with. Travel, challenges, questions, doubts? All perhaps moreso in this artistic endeavor, which relies heavily on cooperation, trust, and above all, ones own guiding light.

(beginning with my first, in 1995)








..as you can see by this logo listing, employment is seasonal, but still needed in relation to a specific discipline, along with keeping “one foot” in the business. Attending industry events such as the Sundance Film Festival or the LA Film Festival are great ways to focus strategies and celebrate. The business survivability depends on hard work and sound ethics. Festivals are often PR events, celebrations of completed work, and places to congregate, discuss, and strike deals. Not everyone may think that ethics are widely practiced in an industry seen as being riddled with unscrupulosities, but survival of the industry and in the industry, depend both on working with people who care about common endeavors like fairness, freedom of speech, artistry and solidarity. Whether the vehicle be studio system or independent film structure, whether critics deem work as propoganda or not, we film workers are bound by the goal of connecting with audiences through vibrant storytelling. And safeguards must be put into practice to prevent theft of creations from other creators, theft of product by consumers, and interference and corruption of the stories that need to be told. As in any business venture, as you navigate the industry, remember that there are those you would rather not work with who just may be standing in your way of progress. This industry is constantly changing; don't lose heart if work in it is part of your mission. The stories that need telling, will be told.


Part of my disclaimer involves recommending a few films to you, endorsing the film, without necessarily any kind of official endorsement for the views expressed in them. They are:



The Bourne Identity

The Interpreter

Love Actually

Catch Me If You Can

Spy Game


13 Going On 30

Beyond Borders

Meet the Fockers

The Corpse Bride

Fun With Dick and Jane

American Beauty

Control Room

Panic Room




Wonder Boys

Garden State

The Constant Gardener

The Bourne Supremacy

Training Day


City of God

The Terminal

Failure to Launch

Orange County

Run Lola Run

The Royal Tenenbaums

Life as a House

Monster House


Sweeney Todd

Mystic River

Die Bruecke (1959)


King of California


Gloomy Sunday

The English Patient

The Visitor

Across The Universe


The Lake House

Death at a Funeral-foreign

District 9


On The Waterfront

The Black Stallion

8 Mile

Jackie Brown

J. Edgar

Red Tails

The Social Network

Fight Club

American History X


Berlin Calling

Midnight in Paris

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


Fight Club


3:10 to Yuma

Michael Clayton




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