sketch comedy-script, 02-15-2023 post sketch comedy script: 1-15-2023 post Friends, Victory, concerning Congressional nomination of and swearing in of House Speaker K. McCarthy. Some months ago, I wrote this short, sketch-comedy, script. While the Congress has such important business, always, I find relief … Continue reading →

scripted satire: 1-29-2023 post satire: 1-29-2023 postHello subscribers, Now to that short-script satire that promised to you some days ago: Title: “Envelopes and sticky-tape” [The US President visits a community town-hall meeting, stumping for hispolitical party and potential candidacy.] He/She gives a speech … Continue reading →

Is teaching unnecessary yet?, 02-14-2023 post

modern-day relevance of evangelizing: 2-14-2023 post [The day is coming when teaching will be unnecessary: “No longer will they teach their neighbor, or say to one another, ‘Know the Lord,’ because they will all know me, from the least … Continue reading →

US inauguration one week away

US Presidential Inauguration; one long week away from today, prudently, The White House – still led by President Trump and Vice President Pence, have announced (according to US mainstream medias) that “security will be beefed up for the January 20th … Continue reading →

Original short-script. Members only. Title: “Mr. 45998223”

Original short-script. Members only. Title: “Mr. 45998223” subscriber member readers, This post entry is an original script (c) 2021, published by . Written by: Chris J. Fonseca This script is for a short-film. It is a work of fiction … Continue reading →

2 featured political authors & 4 activists.

2 featured political authors & 4 activists. readers, I have two books that I would like to recommend. These are books with relevant-as-advertised subject matter; and, are (each) highly likely to deliver on what they represent at face value. You … Continue reading →

“violent threats” made at the sitting US Vice President. It’s been reported that, now, someone “has made violent threat, publicly” against the US Vice President. Doing that, is against the law. At same time, Dem party… led Congressionally by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (and others in their political … Continue reading →