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Prologue (platform)

Film school was for us, an incubator for political awareness, with disciplinary skill and creative relationship formation. There, film craft was passed on and real understanding for the formulas behind US movie making (emphasizing story) and the emerging market platforms began. It was the science behind mainstream and experimental movie making with multi diciplinary work and emphasis in the production disciplines and use of technologies.

Rebel Morrison and pioneer Coppola, left enduring marks on this school's public image and reputation... The school has given way to global collaborations and the newest generation has graduated. I am one of those members. And I invite you to explore my website fully!


Be my guest, and acquaint yourself with the movement starting right here at my company site. While I accept donations and route % 's to other organizations, I endorse one which I find to be great for Christmas gifts: If you are looking for work, I am not hiring, however it is my hope that if you look for work as a heifer helper, the organization might place you within their ranks - look them up. Otherwise, if you are a "have" and not a "have not", donations to my company go into maintaining & furthering my company mission. In small ways this also can grow to support others' work worthy of our collective praise. (Some works may be featured here for paid viewing - not the YouTube model).

Read on. Explore the vibrant community founded at UCLA film.

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.tv is hugely recognizable on a global scale, and, short films are becoming an ever more common global media format!

So, in the spirit of both independent and studio film making, enjoy the political movement starting points, movie culture, director's notes, film recommendations, and MORE-     



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